Wooden Bowl (Round)

Brown bowl with swirl pattern.


Attend our 4th Annual West Fine Art Show and enter into a magical Glass House filled to the rafters with the wonderfully felt works of 18 professional artists. Be reminded of the sheer joy of getting out and mingling. And as you meander through a COVID-friendly gallery, relax in the pleasure of staring at an explosive array of creativity and visual poetry.

The Langley School District Foundation has many community partners and one of the most treasured is the West Fine Art Show Society. Since 2017, the group has worked with the Foundation to host an Annual Art Show. Featuring the most talented and renowned artists in Western Canada, the show has emerged as a highly favoured fundraiser for the Foundation. Here, artists agree to donate 25% of all artwork sales to the Langley School District Foundation to support Food for Thought Programs, especially important during the coronavirus crisis.

Woven and Leather Purse with Strap

Hand-woven orange and cream-coloured purse with tan-coloured flap and strap.

Dimensions: 10" wide x 10" high

WAS ​$40

NOW $30

Fabric Tote Bag

Navy blue, brown and grey.

Dimensions: 10" wide x 13" high

​WAS $50

NOW $40

the 2021 West Fine Art Show

at Glass House Estate Winery

Spitting Cement Elephant

Old Stone: 125 pounds

Includes Pump, Power Cord


​ON SALE: $165.00

Additional items from Summer Blowout Sale still available!

Ellie the Elephant

Old Stone: 125 pounds

Includes Pump, Power Cord


​ON SALE: $165.00

Lady's Necklace (20")

20" cream-coloured beaded necklace with pendant. Pendant is made of cowbone and has two elephants raising their trunks together.

​WAS $50

NOW $30

Fountain Tiered Planter Buckets

7 feet tall

Includes Tower Buckets, Base, Pump, Power Cord


​ON SALE: $235.00

Soapstone Africa Box

Kisii soapstone box, shaped like Africa with an elephant design.

Remove the mystery key to open the box.

Dimensions: 4" wide x 4" long


Soapstone Bowl

12" Kisii soapstone bowl.

Black and white fish pattern with solid black underside.


Wooden Rhino

Beautifully hand-carved rhino made of soft jacaranda wood.

Light brown colour.

​Dimensions: 11" long x 7" high

​WAS $120

NOW $100

Lady's Necklace (22")

22" brown-coloured beaded necklace with a large cylinder-shaped brown and white pendant.

​WAS $50

NOW $30

Wooden Spears (2)

Dimensions: 18" long x 1.5" wide


Masaii Blanket

Traditional Masaii Blanket.

Red and black plaid.

Dimensions: 80" x 60"


Kiondo Bag

Large hand-woven Kiondo bag.

Wide orange stripes with red, blue, and white.

Dimensions: 15" wide x 13" high


Lady's Purse with Clutch

Stunning lady's handbag with flower and beaded design. Zippered close.

Double strap.

Navy blue, red and tan.

Comes with tiny red and tan clutch purse (9" x 4")

Dimensions: 15.5" wide x 11" high


Wooden Dish (Oval)

Hand-carved light brown wooden bowl with rippled edge.

Inside has pictures of two elephants, a giraffe and the continent of Africa.

Dimensions: 12" long x 6" wide


White Soapstone Elephant

Adorable white elephant made from Kisii soapstone.

Dimensions: 7" long x 4.5" wide x 4.5" long

​WAS $85

NOW $75

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Wooden Salad Spoons

Round wooden salad spoons with brown and white cowbone handles.


Cowbone Candy Dish

Long, slender candy dish.

Black, brown, cream.

Dimensions: 13" long x 2.5" wide