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Langley Retired Educators Scholarship in honour of Dorothy Peacock
Recipient must be planning a career in education.
1 @ $800.00

West Langley Elementary School PAC - Heather Van Egdom Memorial (WLES PAC)
Recipient must have attended WLES for at least grade 7.
1 @ $750.00

Walnut Grove Secondary School PAC (WGSS PAC) (not confirmed)

2 @ $750.00

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)

Need. Recipient must be affiliated with Odd Fellows or Rebekahs.
1 @ $800.00

Fort Langley Lions
Enterprising student.
3 @ $500.00

James Kennedy Elementary School PAC (JKES PAC) (they pay)
French. In memory of Brian Gantzke and Susan Garvin.
2 @ $500.00

Langley School District Foundation (LSDF)
1 @ $600.00

Mary Wright Tribute
1 @ $500.00

WGSS Dry Grad (not confirmed)

They pay.

Dorothy Peacock Elementary School PAC (DPES PAC) (not confirmed)
Recipient must have attended DPES for at least one year.
1 @ $500.00

Topham Elementary School PAC (TES PAC)
Recipient must have been in Japanese program at TES and studied Japanese in grades 9-11.
1 @ $750.00

Student Council (not confirmed)

They pay.
2 @ $500.00

Waska Memorial
Recipient must be a WGSS graduate and live in Fort Langley, east of Wright Road.
1 @ $250.00

Township of Langley Bursary (TOL BURSARY)
2 @ $1,000.00

Grad Photo Studio
They pay.

Brett Wallace Memorial
Preference for recipient to be pursuing a career in hospitality, home ec, tourism or chef training.
1 @ $1,500.00

Tyler McLaren Memorial
Post-secondary, for a special needs student. Winner must be thoughtful, considerate, and entering a program to help him/her improve his/her life. GPA is not a factor.
1 @ $500.00

Ed Izrael Memorial
1 @ $950.00

Gordon Greenwood Elementary School PAC (GGES PAC)
Recipient must have attended GGES for at least two years in intermediate grades.
1 @ $500.00

Susan Kovach Memorial
​Recipient must have majored in science and be continuing in science.
1 @ $600.00

Sandgren Memorial
2 @ $1,000.00

Walnut Grove Seniors' Luncheon (not confirmed)
Arranged by WSS. LSDF provides tax receipts to donors.

Don Sparks Legacy Fund
Walnut Grove graduate who has excelled in cross country athletics and plans to pursue a career in education or recreation.
1 @ $1,000.00

G&F Financial Group
1@ $250.00

Connie Twemlow Memorial Scholarship
1@ $1,000.00

Cutler-McInnes Scholarship
Student attending WGSS. Must have IEP and resource block. This scholarship is in honour of our 3 favourite teachers who worked tirelessly to support children with learning disorders.
2 @ $500.00

Walnut Grove