​​​​​​​​​​​​​BC Excellence Awards
Nominees from each school sent directly to Ministry of Education

Coast Capital
Nominees put forward at Open meeting and winner chosen.  Coast Capital pays the students directly when they enroll in a post secondary institution.
3 @ $3,500.00

CUPE Local 1260
Must be child/grandchild of member.  One award is available for non-Langley residents, but will go to Langley student if there are no applicants from outside District by April 15.  If there is no CUPE 1260 relative available, award remains in fund for following year.  If there are more than 4 eligible students, winner's name drawn randomly.  Will not use GPA to determine winner.
4 @ $1,000.00

TOL Professional Firefighters Local 4550
A student interested in being first responder (fire, police, or paramedic only).
2 @ $500

Harris & Company LLP
Law 11 or 12 student who excels in this course of study.
1 @ $200.00

Royal LePage - Wolstencroft Realty
Business focus, community involvement,
1 @ $500.00

Gilles and Judi Martin Memorial
Preference for graduate of Langley Education Centre, Langley Fine Arts, Langley Secondary, RE Mountain Secondary, or Walnut Grove Secondary. Financial need and trades.
1 @ $500.00

Leadership within the community Demonstrated involvement outside of the school community. Demonstrates each of the District's core values of integrity, community, courage and excellence. Preference given to students who are not receiving any other form of financial support (scholarship or bursaries).
3 @ $1,000.00

Dr. and Mrs. J.G. Jervis Memorial
Awarded to a student pursuing a veterinary career or a science career with a focus on animals. This scholarship was donated in the memory of Dr. Jim Jervis, a veterinarian who practised in Langley over 100 years ago. At the time, large animal agriculture was the foundation of the economy of Langley, and the vet was arguably one of the most important figures in the community. His obituary heralded him as "one of the district's best loved and widest known men". He was an excellent organiser, a clever man in his profession, a lover of fun, and the possessor of a magnetic personality. He was president of the Langley Board of Trade, active in community campaigns during World War II, a member of the Academy of Science and lecturer at UBC. His family continues to maintain the scholarship to encourage and support young people to give back to the community.
1 @ $300.00

Shewan Memorial
Recipient will have specialized in theatre in high school and be proceeding to training in the theatrical field.
1 @ $1,250.00

Brenda Schlosser Sports Participation 
Member of a community/school athletic team.  Preference for ACSS student but DWPSS if no ACSS student eligible.  Preference for student whose parents belong to Aldergrove Slo Pitch Association.  On behalf of Aldergrove Mixed Slo Pitch, we are proud to present the Brenda Schlosser Sports Participation Award.  Brenda was a very active member of the Aldergrove community where she lived for over 25 years.  She volunteered her time during tax season to assist people in need with their taxes.  She volunteered with the Aldergrove Festival Days and other events over the years.  She was involved with Aldergrove Slo Pitch for over 15 years assuming the role of president for 6.  During that time she established the scholarship, and after her passing it was renamed in her honour.  Brenda was an incredibly kind, generous and outgoing person who would be proud to  see this award given to a student who has shown great participation and team spirit in the school's sports program.
1 @ $1,000.00

Langley Civic
Citizenship.  Final choice based on GPA.  Student must have made a major contribution/service to the school and community.
1 @ $340.00

Brent Barbour Memorial/OCABC
Recipient must be planning a career in law enforcement (RCMP, police, paramedic, customs, fisheries, jail guard).  If more than two students are eligible, participation in organized sports determines winners.
2 @ $2,000.00

Aldergrove Minor Hockey League
Recipients to have been member of AMHL for four to five years. Sportsmanship and fair play essential.

Tyson Degianni Memorial 
1 @ $1,000.00

Charlie Fox Developmental 
1 @ $1,000.00

Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Recipient to be pursuing nursing or other medical field.
1 @ $1,000.00

CUPE 1851 Memorial (they pay)
Preference to one son and one daughter of CUPE 1851 member. Failing that, the scholarship can be given to a CUPE 1260.
2 @ $500.00

John Neil McLeod Memorial
Entering nursing program.
1 @ $1,000.00

Langley Rugby Club
One for women and one for men. Enrolled in at least 60% course load. Langley-based and involved with rugby at school and/or Langley Rugby Club (player, referee, administrator). Essay to be sent to LRC (no more than 500 words). Deadline March 12, 2021.
2 @ $500.00

Simonds Elementary School PAC Memorial
Student must be at Simonds for at least 2 years in intermediate grades.
1 @ $500.00

Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School PAC
Need to have attended Coghlan Fundamental Elementary for at least one year.
1 @ $500.00

Cloverdale Paint Inc.
Preference to employee/relation of employee of Cloverdale Paint. Demonstrate community service. Entrepreneurial goals.
1 @ $600.00

Langley Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Scholarship available to current or former Mentees or Teen Mentors who have been involved with an Big Brothers or Big Sisters of Langley mentoring program. Also available to Teen Mentors at WSS. 
1 @ $650.00

Rotary Club of Langley Central

2 non-academic (trades) and 3 academic programs. Local students, active in community or school, exhibit "service over self" and be in economic need.
5 @ $1,000.00

Rotary Club of Langley Central

Open to VSS and U-Connect only. Local students, active in community or school, exhibit "service over self" and be in economic need.
1 @ $1,000.00

Rotary Club of Langley
Write essay topic set by Rotary - students apply directly to them.
6 @ $1,500.00

Langley Players Drama Club 
Applying to a Post Secondary institution in a program focused on the performing arts.
1 @ $500.00

Fort Langley Community Improvement Society

Fine Arts goal. Involved in community or service projects.
1 @ $2,500.00

Phelps Community Society

Supports school or community service.
1 @ $500.00

Denny Ross Memorial
Financial need.
1 @ $400.00

Shewan Foundation

Recipient must have extensive volunteer service in school or community. Student must apply each year to renew, and submit transcript.
$4000 ($1000/year over 4 years)

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce
For students pursuing a career in Business.
4 @ $500.00

City of Langley

Recipient must live in City of Langley. Preference to students who have attended HDSMS.
6 @ $750.00

Joe Griff Memorial (not confirmed)
Joe was a graduate of ACSS and a supporter of hockey in Langley. Recipients to have been a member of AMHL for 4-5 years. Sportsmanship.
1 @ $1,000.00

Rae Fetherstonhaugh Music

For a music student who is pursuing further musical studies.
1 @ $1,000.00

Langley Heritage Society in honour of Bays Blackhall Memorial

Academic achievement, community service and need. Must be presented by Blackhall family member.
1 @ $1,000.00

Ken Jeffries Memorial
Financial need.
1 @ $1,000.00

Lynn Fripps Elementary PAC
1. $500 for any graduating student in the Langley School District. Civic-minded student who can demonstrate leadership and community involvement as well as financial hardship.
2. $500 for a graduating student who attended Lynn Fripps Elementary. Civic-minded student who can demonstrate leadership and community involvement.
2 @ $500.00

Aldergrove Minor Baseball Association
Student must have played baseball with AMBA for a minimum of 4 years with at least one year in either Mosquito, PeeWee, Bantam or Midget Division.
1 @ $500.00

Fire Hall #1
Students that reside in the Langley city area (or township students if city criteria cannot be filled) that are entering emergency services.
2 @ $500.00

Kathleen O'Hanley Memorial
1 low incidence student who is planning any post-secondary endeavor. Open to any school. Counselors to bring forward candidates & awardee determined at open meeting. 
1 @ $750.00

Darnell & Co. Scholarship
Student continuing post-secondary with interest in Law.
1 @ $1,000.00

Bradley McPherson Memorial Scholarship
Student must graduate grade 12 and have documented proof that they have ADD or ADHS, students who have overcome the learning challenges associated with ADD/ADHD. Must be Canadian Citizen. One scholarship for student entering any field of study. One scholarship for student who is continuing education in Mechanics (Automotive) or High Performance Automotive (Mechanics).
2 @ $1,000.00

Indigenous Student Bursary
Assist Indigenous students in the Langley School District, who are discouraged because of financial circumstances, to continue their education. Open to Indigenous students in Grades 10, 11 and 12.
2 @ $750.00

MLA Megan Dykman Scholarship in Political Studies
For a student who is planning on attending a post secondary university program in political studies (e.g.: poli sci, international relations, or anything similar), is community minded, and has demonstrated community involvement. In the case of two students who are equally qualified, preference should be given based on need. Scholarship will include a summer internship in Ms. Dykeman's office, with an opportunity to visit Victoria paid by Ms. Dykeman. Students should be able to commit to at least 2 weeks.
2 @ $500.00

Langley School District Foundation (LSDF)
U-connect/LEC/Vanguard only
1 @ $800.00

Harty Family Public Safety Scholarship
Student with 3.0 GPA, attending Canadian University/College with a clear and demonstrated intention, after graduating from post-secondary school, to become a public safety professional and pursue a career in law enforcement. Law enforcement would be limited to a Canadian law enforcement agency for positions such as : Police Officer (municipal/provincial/federal), Canada Border Services Officer, Correctional Officer (provincial/federal), Sheriff, Conservation Officer, or Fisheries Officer.
1 @ $500.00

Andrew Mercier Scholarship in Skilled Trades
For students entering the following skilled trades/apprenticeship programs: Chef (PC1), Carpenter, Hair. Open to Vanguard, OSS, BSS only. Priority for economic need. Preference for one award for each school.
​3 @ $400.00

Fort Langley Community Improvement Society
Recipients must reside in the Township of Langley and go to a Langley Township school. Students must have a Fine Arts goal and be involved in a community or service project. Students' demonstration of community service does not necessarily have to be in the Township of Langley, but could be anywhere in the world. Should go to students with the most economic need if possible.
2 @ $1,250.00

Brian Thomasson Memorial Scholarship
The recipient should have participated in community service and enjoy working with children. The expectation is that they will be studying to become a teacher. Family income should not factor into the choice. Brian began teaching in a two room school house in Aldergrove in 1969. Throughout his 35 year career in the Langley School District, he worked in many schools as a teacher and later a principal. Mr. T. made it a goal each school year to be able to greet each of the 400+ students by name by mid-September. He will be remembered as a fun, creative math teacher, and for his sense of humour.
1 @ $500.00

Silvia Knittel Memorial Scholarship Fund to support Kenyan students

OPEN 2018




Don Sparks Legacy Fund

Ebonique Bate Memorial Scholarship

Indigenous Student Bursary

For the Love of Dance

From the time Ebonique Bate could walk, she never stopped dancing. Throughout her short life, it was dancing that gave her strength, happiness and harmony. Her extreme joy was transferred to all who saw her step through ever more complicated routines. She was a star!

To honour Ebonique's passion her family has set up a Memorial Scholarship to inspire and benefit a student who, like Ebonique, would want to pursue their dreams.

With this scholarship, the family hopes the beneficiaries can inspire happiness not only in themselves, but in others.

Brian began teaching in a two room school house in Aldergrove in 1969. Throughout his 35 year career in the Langley School District, he worked in many schools as a teacher and later, a principal. Mr. T. made it a goal each school year to be able to greet each of the 400+ students by name by mid-September. He will be remembered as a fun, creative math teacher, and for his sense of humour.

Brian Thomasson Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Crawford Memorial Scholarship Fund


All Langley School District Scholarships are listed below as Open, or according to schools.

Students should apply through their school scholarship counsellors.

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