Colin Stewart Memorial
Post secondary, for person who has overcome a physical or behavioural handicap and succeeded.
1 @ $1,000.00

Sandgren Memorial
Six regular students and one special education student who has been enrolled in a special program at LSS and is continuing on to post secondary.
7 @ $1,000.00

Township of Langley Bursary (TOL Bursary)
University or vocational training.
2 @ $1,000.00

Tom Leslie Memorial
For non-academic/trades training. Encouragement for C+ student who is trying hard to succeed.  Winner should live in HDSMS catchment.  Made in memory of Tom Leslie, a former HDSMS student, by his father Alan Leslie.
1 @ $1,000.00

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)
University or vocational training.  Need a factor.  Preference for student with an affiliation with the Odd Fellows or Rebekahs.
1 @ $800.00

Langley School District Foundation (LSDF)
1 @ $600.00

Langley Secondary School Student Council
They pay.

Langley Retired Educators Scholarship in honour of Newell and Lenna Manly
Recipient should be planning a career in education.
1 @ $800.00

Ron Dunkley Memorial
Recipient should be planning a career as a "first responder" such as paramedic, police officer or firefighter.  In honour of a former Langley firefighter and sponsored by his parents.
2 @ $500.00

Tom Steele Memorial
Sponsored by GPI America.
1 @ $900.00

James Hill Elementary School PAC (JHES PAC)
Recipients to have spent at least two years at JHES with grades 11, 12 at LSS.  Community or school service.
2 @ $300.00

LSS Grad Class of 1952
Recipient will have completed grade 12 language course and be in good standing.
1 @ $850.00

Roger Roberts Memorial
Recipient to have studied Drama and be planning a career in the Fine Arts.
2 @ $500.00

Fire Hall # 1
Recipient to be Langley City resident and planning career in firefighting, paramedic or police force.
1 @ $1,000.00

Richard Shermann Memorial
Ace It Awards for apprenticeships.

Fraser Valley Vending
Economic need.
1 @ $250.00

Kenneth Patrick Memorial
Recipient to be pursuing a career in Journalism or Broadcasting.
1 @ $400.00

Murrayville Elementary School Legacy
Recipient to have attended Murrayville Elementary.
1 @$300.00

Blacklock Fine Arts School PAC (BFAS PAC) 
Recipient to have attended BFAS and pursuing an academic or Fine Arts career.
1 @ $200.00

FOCUS Program (not confirmed)
Recipient to have made a good effort, be in good standing, be mature and in need of assistance.
2 @ $500.00

Langley Secondary School Alumni
1 @ $600.00

Shewan Foundation
Recipient to have been a foster child.
1 @ $1,250.00

Aldergrove Credit Union
At least one recipient to be continuing on to a vocational/career program.
3 @ $1,000.00

Langley Secondary School PAC (LSS PAC)
3 @ $250.00

Pepin Family

Recipient to be planning a career in agriculture or teaching.
1 @ $800.00

Ebonique Bate Memorial Scholarship
Students must be enrolled in the dance program at LSS. Preference given to student pursuing esthetician school.
2 @ $1,000.00

LSS Legacy Fund (CLA Community Investment
Christian Life Assembly believes in giving back to the community and in paying good deeds forward. Once example is the "Boxes of Love" initiative, where students in various elementary schools receive a gift as an act of kindness from CLA. With this example in mind, how do you give back and pay good deeds forward in the Langley community? Why is it important to you to do so? Please give specific examples. (350-500 words). We will give a total of $1000. Last year we could not decide between the top two essays so we awarded each with $500.00.
1 @ $1000 or 2 @ $500.00​​

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