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KIFARU premiere screening raises more than $4000 for Silvia Knittel Memorial Scholarship, to ensure that young Kenyan students can complete their high school educations.

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The Foundation was so honoured to help fundraise for this game-changing and important initiative.

MLA Andrew Mercier speaks in BC Legislature about the Rainbow Crosswalk.

​For each $10 donation, you will receive one chance to win one of four prizes. All proceeds go to support Food for Thought programs.

Engaging local businesses, companies, individuals, associations and Langley School District PACs to contribute to our students' futures and educational endeavours.


2021 Foundation Calendar

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Challenging students to think beyond their region, their country and their continent to interact with their global counterparts and engage with experts throughout the world.


These two pieces, painted on a pizza box in acrylic paint, were based on my experiences during the current pandemic. The interior of the box is an abstraction of a bustling cityscape, inspired by Times Square. While I have never been to Times Square, I do live in Vancouver, and one of the things I miss the most from before COVID is going downtown and feeling a sense of community within the large crowd.

On the exterior is a self-portrait surrounded by other elements: small cartoon people and stars, inspired by things I've doodled in my sketchbook during quarantine.


Choose Kindness or Be Kind

The Langley School District Foundation has designed two beautiful cotton t-shirts that you can purchase for $20 each. ($10 for children's sizes.)

All proceeds go to support the Langley School District Foundation's Pandemic of Kindness Campaign.

Student Success Magazine 


We received dozens of entries, from students all exhibiting talent and insight way beyond their years. After much deliberation, the Foundation chose the top three and an honorable mention.

See all entries here

There's a


of Kindness

sweeping throughout the

Langley School District and Community.


Cards for Seniors

The Langley School District Foundation is proud to suppot and facilitate the Cards for Seniors Program.

The Cards for Seniors program is run 100% by volunteers and coordinated by the Langley Volunteer Bureau. Blank, hand-made or pre-printed cards are delivered to schools across Langley and grades K through 12 participate in designing and writing a special message to each senior. 100% of all donations are used to purchase card-making supplies, envelopes, postage, and printing costs. For each dollar donated, one senior receives a card!

Learn more about how our community is coming together to help with isolation at Cards for Seniors.

Global Education

At Langley School District Foundation we are working to create hope and opportunity for our students. Keep the momentum going. Join us in our mission and donate today.


I was trying to show the distortions through the water reflection, as a way of showing how we are coping through COVID 19.

Published four times per year and distributed to 50,000 families in Langley.​ In these editions, you'll read about the Pandemic of Kindness that is sweeping the Langley School District and Community.


​Event raises more than $40,000 to start the 110th Legacy Fund!

We are well on our way to reaching our goal of $110,000 to provide scholarships to Langley Secondary students in perpetuity.

Please keep the momentum going!

Ensuring that all Langley students who come to school hungry, or go home hungry, receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack, and weekend backpack.

Tote Bag Sale

Chloe Kim, a grade 12 student at Walnut Grove Secondary, has developed a strategy and product to help support our Food for Thought program: an eco-friendly tote bag for sale for $10 throughout the school district and community.


I chose to create a sculpture that resembles the shape of a person grieving. I wanted to show how grief can make someone feel tired, and that they lack all energy. It knocks everything out of a person and can be difficult to get back up again after.

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The piece I have designed is a fairy. She is stuck inside due to the crazy storm happening all around her. She is longing to fly once again as she awaits the dark sky to clear. I chose the fairy because to me it represents my love for exploring which I am currently unable to do due to the pandemic. The fairy is a reflection of me and my adventurous spirit.

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