Dedicated to making real and meaningful differences for students in the Langley School District. Our goal is to ensure that every Langley student receives the maximum benefit of the education to which they are entitled.

13th Annual 
Golf Tournament

Published four times per year & distributed to 10,000 families in Langley.

13th Annual
​Grand Prix Gala
Langley School District Foundation
Global Education

At Langley School District Foundation we are working to create hope and opportunity for our students. Keep the momentum going. Join us in our mission and donate today.

The Foundation raised $120,000 to support our many-faceted
Food For Thought Campaign and Garden Tower Initiative!
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The Foundation supports Ethical Philanthropy and introduces the concept of opportunity as opposed to charity.

Your Support Enables Us to Continue with Our Mission

13th Annual Grand Prix Gala raised $60,000 to help support Food for Thought Campaigns to provide nutritious breakfasts, lunches, snacks and backpacks filled with food to our more than 3,000 students who come to school hungry every day.
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