Langley School District Foundation our mission is to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student
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Langley School District Foundation our mission is to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student


Why was the Langley School District Foundation created?

The Foundation was established in 2001 to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for 19,952 students in the Langley School District. We support the Langley School District in providing programs of excellence not funded by the Ministry.

What does the Langley School District Foundation do?

We raise resources and secure funding for innovative education programs and projects that help students achieve their full potential. In so doing, the foundation:

  • Organizes fund raising events within the community
  • Creates awareness of the importance of public education
  • Manages an endowment fund
  • Builds relationships with local businesses, services and individuals to expand their support for Langley students
  • Administers and disburses scholarship funds

What is the relationship between the Langley School District Foundation and the Langley School District?

The Foundation is independent of the Langley School District, but its sole purpose is to support and provide programs for Langley students. According to our constitution, the Foundation Board can have up to 11 directors - two appointed from the Langley Board of Education; one from the Langley School District Administration; and 8 from the community at large.

What are the goals of the Langley School District Foundation?

The Foundation’s goal is to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student. Our mandate is to provide and support programs not funded or fully-funded by the Ministry of Education and our goal is to ensure that every Langley student receives the maximum benefit of the education to which they are entitled.

What kinds of initiatives does the Foundation support?

Our focus throughout the years has been to support all programs of excellence in literacy, numeracy, special needs, sports and the arts. We also support:

  • Food for Thought - providing nutritious meals to students who come to school hungry
  • Unique special education initiatives - loan bank of assistive equipment, Kurzweil online access, field trips
  • The purchase of new library books and technology
  • Learning enhancement projects - Fun Farm Excursions, Summer School for Vulnerable Students, Apprenticeship Programs.
  • Scholarships & Bursaries

How does the Foundation decide what to fund?

The Foundation has criteria for funding which lays out what sort of projects the foundation will or will not fund. Written applications are reviewed twice a year by the Foundation Board. Priority is given to initiatives that are innovative and have system-wide potential.

Aren’t our tax dollars supposed to pay for education?

In our changing and increasingly complicated world, more demands are being put on public education. Private donors can help fund projects that enhance and enrich education not covered by the Ministry of Education. School District foundations are increasing in numbers in Canada and in the United States there are almost 5,000 school district foundations.

Langley School District Foundation our mission is to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student

The Foundation raised more than $70,000 at the 10th Annual Grand Prix Gala held at Thunderbird Show Park


The 10th Annual Grand Prix Gala was another huge success for the Foundation

On Sunday May 31, 250 guests spent the afternoon watching an international horse-jumping competition, while munching on gourmet hors d'oeuvres and sipping on award-winning wines. Thanks to the sponsors, supporters and attendees, the Foundation raised more than $70,000 to support 21st Century learning in Langley schools. The funds raised will support our Food for Thought Campaign to help provide nutritious meals to the 3000 Langley students who come to school hungry every day.



The Foundation, through its fundraising activities and endowments is able to fund innovative and unique school programs and projects that would not be funded by the Ministry of Education. Every Spring and Fall, the Foundation asks schools to submit proposals for projects that they would like to receive funding for. Since 2005, the Foundation made grants totaling more than $1 million to support dozens programs and initiatives.

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The Langley School District Foundation has received support from a number of corporations and associations, including Envision Financial, Coast Capital Savings, Starline Windows, Vitrum Industries, Online Collision, Resource Training Organization, Langley Advance, Langley Rotary Clubs, Otter Co-op, Kins Farm Market, Thunderbird Show Park, Township of Langley Firefighters' Charities, Walnut Grove Business Association, She's Fit, Costco, Peninsula Runners, Aldergrove Business Association to help us raise funds for Langley student programs.
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